Beethoven's capital

"All these notes don't pay my needs!!"

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Christian Gottlob Neefe (1748-1798)

Organ "Beethoven's organ"

Ludwig van Beethoven, 1802

Half thaler 1800, front

Prince Karl von Lichnowsky (1756-1814)

Paper money (Stadt-Banco-Zettel) from 1806

Annuity agreement

Stadt-Banco-Zettel from 1800

Archduke Rudolph of Austria (1788-1831)

String quartet in E flat major, op. 74

Piano sonata in E flat major, op. 81a

Redemption coupon from 1811

Receipt for Archduke Rudolph's main cash office

Anticipation coupon from 1813

Files for the trial against Prince Lobkowitz

Receipt for Prince Kinsky's main cash office

Authorisation for Kanka in Prague

"To hope" op. 94

20 kreuzer, front

Overview of statutes, February 1809

Written dialogue with Haslinger

3 kreuzer, Vienna currency, back

Two sheets from a household book

Penny, front

Penny, back

List of piano prices

Ducat, front

Nephew Karl van Beethoven (1806-1858)

Contract with Johanna van Beethoven

Letter to Breitkopf & Härtel dated January 2nd, 1810

Thaler, front

Dutch ducat, front

Certificate of ownership and receipt for Birchall

Letter to Simrock dated November 28th, 1820

Pistole, front

Florin, front

"Missa Solemnis", op. 123

Vienna Hofburg Theatre around 1825

Placard for the Academy concert on April 2nd, 1800

"Wellington's Victory or the Battle of Vittoria", op. 91

"The Glorious Moment", op. 136

Polonaise for piano in C major, op. 89

Elisabeta Alexejewna, Tsarina of Russia (1779-1826)

Fourfold ducat, front

Violin sonata in C minor op. 30 No. 2

Piano sonata in E minor, op. 90

Bank note from 1816

Beethoven's tax declaration from 1818

Letter from Steiner to Beethoven dated December 29th, 1820

Letter to Salzmann around February 8th, 1823

Canon "Doktor, sperrt das Tor dem Tod", WoO 189

Share of the Privileged Austrian National Bank issued to Ludwig van Beethoven

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