Beethoven and Great Britain

"Where your compositions are preferred to any other..."

Composer and publisher Muzio Clementi

Piano version of the violin concerto (D Major) op. 61

One copy of the piano version encouraged by Clementi and thoroughly revised by Beethoven still exists. The composer corrected notes, added dynamic symbols, legato arches, pedal and performance instructions such as "dolce" and "pizz[icato]", missing clefs, pauses etc. The solo part shows signs of scraping. Many corrections are indicated with a little cross on the margin.
Copyist's score of the piano version of the violin concerto (D Major) op. 61 corrected by the composer The British Library
During the piano transformation Beethoven also reviewed the part of the solo violin between May and June 1807. The piano and orchestra version was printed in August 1808 and as such three months later than the "original version" for violin and orchestra. Whereas the piano version probably never would have been created without the suggestion of the English publishing house, the London edition was published only after two years.
Piano version of the violin concerto (D Major) op. 61
Whereas only one copyist's score corrected by Beethoven of the adaptation remains, original cadenzas written by him for this concerto have been preserved. Displayed is the cadenza for the first movement. Not only for the length is it rather unusual - 12 handwritten pages! A second manuscript, a part for timpani, was added to the piano part. To accompany the solo piano part with a timpani when playing the cadenza is something unheard of in piano literature (until Alexander Glasunow did it again many decades later). Already at the beginning of the concerto the timpani have a prominent function: with four strikers it opens the musical event. Maybe Beethoven wanted to strengthen and confirm this role in the cadenza. In the past, the handwritten cadenza was part of the musical collection of Beethoven's pupil Archduke Rudolph of Austria, a good piano player.
Beethoven's own cadenza, piano part
Beethoven's own cadenza, kettledrum part